COVID Policy


Here at Deveron Valley Cottages and Marnoch Lodge Fisheries , we take your safety very seriously, and would like to reassure you by letting you know that we are following all the current guidelines regarding cleaning your holiday accommodation sinced the Covid19 pandemic.

  • As well as our normal thorough cleaning regime a recommended fogging machine and Virucide is used and the property is locked until your arrival once cleaning is complete.

How Can You Help Us?

  • If you are showing any signs of having contracted Covid 19 please do give us a call and we will be happy to reschedule your holiday, DO NOT leave home.
  • In all our cottages and cabins we have provided cleaning materials for your convenience.
  • All properties have masks and hand sanitiser provided.
  • All remote controls are encased in a disposable cover. We ask you to leave this on while using appliances. We will remove and dispose of it after you have left the property.
  • On your day of departure, we would VERY much appreciate it if you could take all bedding off the beds, including mattress and pillow protectors, put them into one duvet cover, along with towels, tea-towels, bath mats and oven gloves, and leave this near to the front door.
  •   We would ask that if you have any questions or needs that you would first of all telephone us (numbers are in the welcome book) and we will be happy to answer any questions.
  • If any of you start to show symptoms, or think that you may have contracted Covid-19, we would ask you to notify us immediately, so that we can ensure that you receive all the help you need. We will not evict you from the property! We only want to make sure that you are treated in the best way, for your health and ours, should you need to isolate or receive medical attention.

Sincere thanks,

 Ally and Jason